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Kuumba Keepsakes began as a creative solution to encourage others to take charge of their own journey in life. Kuumba Keepsakes offers wholesale Jewelry for entrepreneurs and small business owners for their virtual or Brick and Mortar store. There is no limit on where you can sell and how to sell. We do not over saturate the market with pyramid (MLM)business models. A pyramid business model encourages building a team that sells the same products under you that grows and branches out under you. The problem with this market is, you are encouraged to recruit friends and family. Typically, this keeps your sales circle small and eventually you have no one to sell to. Kuumba Keepsakes is a wholesale company. You get a higher profit immediately because there are no orders to be taken. Kuumba Keepsakes provides everything you need to make a profit up front. You keep your client base because you don’t make your money from recruiting others. You make your profit from your business. Kuumba Keepsakes encourages cognitive, spiritual, emotional, and financial growth.

Kuumba Keepsakes believes in keeping the mind strong(Cognitive). Our oils enhance the overall mood (emotional) while connecting you spiritually through the essence of scent. Also setting the right environment for cognitive growth. The beauty of design sparks the mind, drawing positivity.